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Browse DIY Kitchens' kitchens, designed and installed in real homes by real people throughout the UK. All ordered online through our website. Read and watch their thoughts and experiences and also take a look at some of the photos they have sent us.

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Harewood Bespoke

Angela from Ripley "Angela from Ripley talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood bespoke painted kitchen that she purchased from us."

Bedale Bespoke

Dexter from Leigh-on-sea "Dexter from Leigh-on-sea talks to DIY Kitchens about his new Innova Bedale bespoke painted kitchen that he purchased from us -"

Harewood Bespoke

Marie from Chatham "Marie from Chatham talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Bespoke Painted (F&B All White and Charleston Grey) inframe kitchen that she purchased from us."

Harewood Alabaster

Joanna from Surrey "(Harewood Alabaster & Cornflower Blue) Joanna from Surrey talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Alabaster kitchen that she purchased from us."

Harewood Alabaster

Graham from Devon "Graham from Devon talks to DIY Kitchens about his new Innova Harewood Alabaster/Oak kitchen that he purchased."

Harewood Lamp Room Grey

Anna from Hertfordshire "Anna from Hertfordshire talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Lamp Room Grey kitchen that she purchased from us."

Silsden Cornflower Blue

Anthony from Essex "Completed kitchen pics."

Norton Bespoke

Claire from Surrey "Norton Bespoke (F&B Moles Breath & Purbeck stone). Thanks for your help with everything. The kitchen is now complete and I’ve attached the pictures of my kitchen."

Norton Alabaster

Jacqueline from Cumbria "Just wanted to tell you how over the moon we are with our new kitchen. The team and support you have there couldn’t of been more professional and helpful. Everything was perfect and we’ve recommended your company to everyone I’ve attached some photos. "

Norton Cashmere

Donatas from London "Here is one of the kitchens installed by Tailored Lofts and supplied by DIY Kitchens. White quartz worktop, matched colour painted walls and classic kitchen, perfectly fit together. "

Linwood Sage

Rose & John from Cheshire "We started our new kitchen nearly 12 months ago when we decided to partially remove a supporting wall between the kitchen and lounge. There was however a planned “time out” between May and November and apart from the building work and connection of the gas hob, everything else has been a DIY project.

After a number of internet searches we were impressed by the positive reviews of diykitchens and planned our showroom visit. We have to say that we were impressed by both the showroom and support that we were given. The area where the “internal functions” of units was on display was particularly helpful. We then placed our 2 orders which were split into separate deliveries for logistical reasons (a lot of space is needed to store ready assembled units especially when the garage also has to function as a workshop!)

The deliveries arrived on time, (communication at all times was excellent) and the protection/packaging was impressive. The number of fitting accessories, touch up paint etc was faultless and the tea and biscuits for the kitchen fitter (me!!!) was a lovely touch.

We have to say that we are delighted with the finished result. The finish on the units is excellent and the quality of the internal components is of a very high standard (Corner units carry cast iron casseroles with no problem whatsoever and the larder units hold an enormous amount!). We are particularly impressed with the 600mm highline pull out bin unit which is ideal for both waste disposal and recycling. We would have no hesitation in recommending diykitchens to anyone!

Please find attached photos of the finished project, including one of our cockapoo Jennings who is also happy to spend his time in there! "

Linwood Bespoke

Paul from Runcorn "Pictures of my finsihed Linwood kitchen."

Linwood Sage

Benedict from Warwickshire "Here are a number of photos of the final kitchen installation. Thank you for all your help back in July. "

Linwood Cashmere

Navid from Sale "Completed pictures of my Linwood cashmere kitchen."

Helmsley Mussel

Yvette from Mansfield "Here are photographs of my finished kitchen."

Linwood Carbon

Becky from Harrogate "Here’s our newly fitted (and almost finished!!) Linwood Carbon kitchen. Order number: 195924"

Norton Light Grey

Emma from Derby "Wishing you all a lovely Christmas. It’s our first hosting in our new kitchen and we can’t wait!"

Harewood Oak

David from Mirfield "Here are some pics of my finished kitchen. "

Helmsley Light Grey

Simon from Sale "Thanks for the support. Here are some pictures of my completed Helmsley kitchen."

Norton Light Grey

Sally from Hertford "Pictures of my Norton light grey shaker kitchen."

Showing 1 to 20 of 250 reviews