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Browse DIY Kitchens' kitchens, designed and installed in real homes by real people throughout the UK. All ordered online through our website. Read and watch their thoughts and experiences and also take a look at some of the photos they have sent us.

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Harewood Bespoke

Marie from Chatham "Marie from Chatham talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Bespoke Painted (F&B All White and Charleston Grey) inframe kitchen that she purchased from us."

Altino Light Grey

Lorraine from Milton Keynes "Lorraine from Milton Keynes talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Altino Light Grey high gloss kitchen that she purchased from us."

Luca Dakar

Luca Dakar - Video Tour "Take a tour of an Innova Luca dakar kitchen."

Luca Bespoke

Luca Matt Bespoke Painted - Video Tour "Take a tour of a bespoke painted Innova Luca matt kitchen."

Linwood Lamp Room Grey

Samantha from Yorkshire "Samantha from Yorkshire talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Linwood Lamp Room Grey kitchen that she purchased."

Harewood Lamp Room Grey

Anna from Hertfordshire "Anna from Hertfordshire talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Lamp Room Grey kitchen that she purchased from us."

Altino Light Grey

Adam from East Sussex "Adam from East Sussex talks to DIY Kitchens about his new Innova Altino light grey kitchen that he purchased from us."

Luca Gloss Dove Grey

Graham from Tooting "I heard about DIY from a friend who had a great experience and can share the same experience.

We ordered the Luca Gloss Grey and having designed it we are very pleased with the finish and outcome. The look and feel of the kitchen is stylish and strong finishes. Our builders weren’t aware of DIY and were impressed with the build quality particularly the strength of the legs and ease of putting it together.

The feel of the units is good quality and happy with all the soft close doors. Our favourite are the Le Mans corner units!

Top tip is making sure you are ready for the kitchen delivery...we sadly had Builder delays which meant having to pay storage costs. My fault but something to note when ordering."

Helmsley Light Grey

Zoe from Oswestry "I have attached photos of my newly fitted in frame Helmsley light grey kitchen, the granite is Bianco Antico.

Can't thank you enough for the fantastic service, our builder recommended you after I was struggling to find a reasonably priced quality in frame kitchen locally, he had fitted several of your kitchens before.

I would urge anyone not to be put off by designing your kitchen yourself, the process seemed daunting, but by using the grid provided online I soon got into it and ended up really enjoying the process. I loved the fact that the pricing was so transparent and that I could see exactly what I was paying for as I went along, as well as how by changing different items I could save money. The customer service on the other end of the phone was brilliant and I was able to have my plate rack custom made.

Delivery was on time and everything quick and easy to fit (according to my brilliant builder!). The quality is amazing and I have saved so much money. I would also like to thank the company that provided the granite which I also ordered from yourselves, the price was far more competitive than anywhere else and it was templated and fitted within 2 weeks of ordering.

I have had such a positive experience I am recommending you to everyone and now can't wait to get cooking in my new kitchen!"

Helmsley Light Grey

Vanessa from Ilkley "Helmsley Light Grey & F&B - Hague Blue No. 30 - Completed kitchen photos."

Stanbury Bespoke

Ben from Doncaster "We have finished our Stanbury bespoke kitchen and have some photos for the website if you'd like them?"

Malton Light Grey

Luke & Jenna from Wrexham "We recently ordered a kitchen with you. I wanted to share our memories of the “journey”.... thank you for helping us make our perfect open plan kitchen."

Malton Lamp Room Grey

Pam from Kirkburton "Love our new kitchen, the sturdy cabinets are so well made and look and feel much more expensive than they were, which meant I could have the kitchen of my dreams.

Found diy-kitchens when searching online and was very impressed with the website, then I realised the showroom was only a half hour drive away. When I saw the kitchens in real life I was bowled over. Amazing quality and value. As the units are delivered pre built and fitted with doors it made installation a breeze."

Malton Mussel

Aneta from Kent "Our Malton Mussel kitchen."

Luca Gloss Dove Grey

Mr Larj from London "Here is the finished project, planning for which commenced in August 2016. Order was finalised with you around end of July 2017 and delivery was made mid August.

Installation was commenced shortly thereafter with completion being achieved in the first week of September.

Installed to replace a 24 plus year old kitchen.

The finishing of the surfaces is second to none but of particular note is the quality of the actual back boards on these units. Very thick and robust. Doors and hinges are also very sturdy.

Items came well packaged, labelled and pre-assembled cutting down on vital installation time.

The cost was a fraction of that of some of the more 'well-known' high street kitchen vendors which was an added draw.

That being said, nothing was lost in terms of the quality of customer care and service received whenever contact was required.

The box of Yorkshire Tea and Biscuits included with the order was a most lovely and welcomed touch during installation ;-)

Technical assistance rendered was also most helpful and came in the form of gridded sketch templates with cut out sheets for plotting the desired units in the required space.

I heard about the firm when conducting research into various companies online. It was one thrown up by Google.

I would highly recommend DIY Kitchens."

Bedale Mussel

Catriona from Edinburgh "I've attached 3 photos of my kitchen."

Malton Light Grey

Clementine from Bucks "Malton light grey kitchen from DIY Kitchens."

Stanbury Bespoke

Dev from Bucks "My completed Stanbury kitchen."

Luca Gloss Dove Grey

Ron from Liverpool "My Luca Gloss Dove Grey Kitchen."

Luca Dove Grey

Richard from Rickmansworth "Our DIY kitchen is brilliant, value for money is excellent, the finish and installation of the quartz work tops makes the completed kitchen beyond our expectations.

We first saw one of your kitchens installed in a friends house a few years we then suggested to our daughter and son in law that they get a quote for their new kitchen which was very successful installed last year. Having seen two kitchen we just had to go with you."

Showing 1 to 20 of 166 reviews