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Browse DIY Kitchens' kitchens, designed and installed in real homes by real people throughout the UK. All ordered online through our website. Read and watch their thoughts and experiences and also take a look at some of the photos they have sent us.

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Harewood Bespoke

Angela from Ripley "Angela from Ripley talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood bespoke painted kitchen that she purchased from us."

Harewood Bespoke

Marie from Chatham "Marie from Chatham talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Bespoke Painted (F&B All White and Charleston Grey) inframe kitchen that she purchased from us."

Altino Light Grey

Lorraine from Milton Keynes "Lorraine from Milton Keynes talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Altino Light Grey high gloss kitchen that she purchased from us."

Luca Dakar

Luca Dakar - Video Tour "Take a tour of an Innova Luca dakar kitchen."

Luca Bespoke

Luca Matt Bespoke Painted - Video Tour "Take a tour of a bespoke painted Innova Luca matt kitchen."

Linwood Lamp Room Grey

Samantha from Yorkshire "Samantha from Yorkshire talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Linwood Lamp Room Grey kitchen that she purchased."

Harewood Lamp Room Grey

Anna from Hertfordshire "Anna from Hertfordshire talks to DIY Kitchens about her new Innova Harewood Lamp Room Grey kitchen that she purchased from us."

Altino Light Grey

Adam from East Sussex "Adam from East Sussex talks to DIY Kitchens about his new Innova Altino light grey kitchen that he purchased from us."

Norton Bespoke

Claire from Surrey "Norton Bespoke (F&B Moles Breath & Purbeck stone). Thanks for your help with everything. The kitchen is now complete and Iíve attached the pictures of my kitchen."

Luca Dove Grey

Vicki from London "Thank you so much for my beautiful kitchen. 10 years ago we ordered a kitchen from you for our last house and when we were renovating our new house there was no question where we were going to get our kitchen from. I have been using it for the last month or so and is so practical but also looks so lovely. Thank you"

Luca Dove Grey

Clive from Cheltenham "Luca dove grey matt in galley kitchen. Photo doesn't do justice. Looks fantastic. Fitted myself (would describe myself as an advanced DIY,er) and saved a fortune. Combination of fully assembled units and door fronts only. See before and after."

Welton Light Grey

Jonathan from Glasgow "Finally finished the kitchen with the blinds being the last thing."

Stanbury Lamp Room Grey

Kim from London "DIY Kitchens were highly recommended by a friend. We wanted the quality of a handmade kitchen but without the price tag! ... and DIY Kitchens seem to tick all the boxes.

My husband installed the kitchen as he is a carpenter and he was very impressed by the quality and construction. To be honest the whole experience of ordering / receiving and now using our DIY Kitchen has ben exceptional and I would highly recommend to others."

Luca Dove Grey

Adrian from Bristol "Buying online without seeing examples is a risk, so we ordered samples of the styles we considered.

We were amazed at the quality of the samples so we decided to go ahead. As an amateur I had lots of questions all of which were answered promptly. The delivery information was accurate and the guys who delivered very helpful.

The installation video was very useful and apart from the usual problems of walls not being straight, installation was straight forward. Because of the quality, the units can be very heavy though we did manage easily even though we were 70+.

I ordered some extra panels and because our room was slightly less than 2.4 metres long I ended up with a gap, which I filled with extra cut down doors. I used the off cuts and an unused end panel to make a small folding table, the saucepan rack, lid holder and the paper towel holder. The soft closing options are well worth the small extra expenditures and the rotating corner cupboard makes access so easy.

It's difficult to explain how much pleasure the new kitchen has given us so thanks to DIY Kitchens for all their help. "

Luca Lamp Room Grey

Joanne from Darlington "My lamp room grey Luca kitchen is finally being decorated and I would love to share some pictures."

Norton Light Grey

Emma from Derby "Wishing you all a lovely Christmas. Itís our first hosting in our new kitchen and we canít wait!"

Stanbury Light Grey

Nicola from Nottingham "Completed Stanbury shaker kitchen pics"

Luca Dove Grey

Lucy from Somerset "Thought you might like to see a picture of our nearly finished kitchen! It's the Luca matt dove grey. We are really happy with it! "

Stanbury Light Grey

Ruth from Berkshire "So pleased with our new Stanbury kitchen! Weíve just finished it in time to put the Christmas decorations up. We just need a bigger tree to do justice to kitchen! "

Helmsley Light Grey

Simon from Sale "Thanks for the support. Here are some pictures of my completed Helmsley kitchen."

Showing 1 to 20 of 185 reviews