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We offer a comprehensive range of plinths, panels & accessories in unit material. Unit Material accessories are more cost effective than Door Material accessories but are not suitable for use with all door styles.

Please note, some products are only available in Door Material.

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TGC23 - Tall End Panel 2300 X 600 (Carcase Material)

£52.65 ex VAT
£63.18 inc VAT

TGC21 - Tall End Panel 2120 X 600 (Carcase Material)

£47.35 ex VAT
£56.82 inc VAT

BEP - Base End Panel 900 X 600 (In Carcase Material)

£23.25 ex VAT
£27.90 inc VAT

WEP - Wall/Dresser Panel 950mm High X 350mm Wide (Carcase Material)

£18.20 ex VAT
£21.84 inc VAT

BBPC - Back Panel For Peninsular (carcase material)

£0.00 ex VAT
£0.00 inc VAT