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Browse our complete range of kitchens with full photography of every kitchen style. Simple filters allow you to easily narrow down your selection. Specific range features, worktop ideas and hints and tips are included for every kitchen available. We've also included customer reviews of every kitchen style so you can see how our kitchens look once installed!

Style Your Kitchen Tool

This unique feature allows you to compare different door styles, handles, worktop styles and how they suit each kitchen style. You can even change the floor and wall colour options and see just how the kitchen will look when it's finished! A useful feature of the Style Your Kitchen Tool is that it will dynamically update our price indicator, so you can see what effect the changes you make will have on the cost of buying each kitchen...

Unit & Door Configurator

This useful tool allows you to view each kitchen door style together with every cabinet colour and also provides a simple price indication. Why not experiment with different door styles and cabinet colours to create your own unique combination. The configurator will automatically default to our recommended cabinet colour, which is always the best colour match available!

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Creating A Shopping Cart

Browse our complete range of over 1,000 different kitchen units. Our aim is to offer you the ultimate choice of cabinet options, but make the process of selecting and ordering them as easy as possible.

  • Before selecting a door style prices displayed are for cabinets only. On selecting your door style all prices update to include the relevant unit, door and fittings.
  • Our Transparent Pricing Policy means costs are clearly displayed at all times. We even state the cost of the unit and door separately so you can decide how to use your budget. All cabinet colours are the same price, so it's the door style that affects how much your kitchen costs. When you add items to the cart both elements combine to give you an overall cost.
  • As you select units you will be given the option to select which hinge side you require where applicable. Each unit also has an Extra Information box where you can specify units to be dry assembled for access reasons, or make other requests. You can also change the depths of units if necessary. Innovative upgrade options for drawers and mechanisms are clearly displayed throughout the ordering process. This information can all be reviewed within the shopping cart list at anytime.

Unique Shopper ID / Shopping Cart System

Our Unique Shopper ID allows you to build up your kitchen order gradually and view it at any computer worldwide. As soon as you add an item to the shopping cart a shopper ID is created. This unique code can be used to open your shopping cart from any device that can access the internet. Simply make a note of you ID number and log in using the website support tools section. It also allows our sales advisers to access your cart should you call us to discuss your order. As you add items to your shopping cart it will remain in your browser memory (provided you don't delete your cookies of course) and be automatically saved. This is really useful, and means that you can put your kitchen together at your own pace. You don't have to complete your order all in one go, fit it around your lifestyle and break it down into small periods. The diy-kitchens website is live and open for business 365 days a year 24 hours a day, you can order your kitchen from the comfort of your own home.

Change Your Kitchen Style

At any point in the process of creating your shopping cart you can change the style of kitchen you are interested in. Prices will dynamically update to show you the cost of the items in your cart in different kitchen styles. This means can add the units you require to the shopping cart and make decisions based on your kitchen style and budget later! If you select an item in one range then try that isn't available in another the shopping cart will let you know.

Alternative Unit Options

Whenever you are viewing or selecting units alternative options will be displayed. The alternatives have the same dimensions, but offer different features eg drawers, wirework accessories etc. This allows you to tailor your order to suit your budget and requirements Why not create your shopping cart with basic unit types, once you have all the items you require in the cart you can look at upgrade options that suit your budget.

Hints, Tips & Videos

Our aim is to make the selection of products and ordering process as simple as possible. Unlike other kitchen retailers, we try to demystify the kitchen purchasing journey. Our website is designed to guide you through the process. Useful hints, Tips & Videos are available to explain any of the items you may have questions about. The website will also recommend relevant appliances for each appliance housing unit you select. If you can't find the information you require, please feel free to call our sales support line!

Finalise your order

When you are happy with the items in your shopping cart simply hit the checkout button. For complete kitchen orders three delivery and service options are available see our delivery section for more details.

Once your order has been placed one of our experienced sales operators will double check your order before processing.

Sit back and wait for your new kitchen to arrive, we are sure you will be delighted with the quality and value of your new kitchen!