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Kitchen doors, sinks, taps & worktops

Introducing Innova, our own exclusive online brand with quality sourced materials and components to give you that designer look but without the hefty price tag.

Our own brand Innova products include kitchen units, doors, sinks, taps, handles, granite & quartz worktops. Our products give you an unrivalled versatility to create an inspirational interior that is perfected suited to your home and lifestyle.

Take a look at what we have to offer, and we guarantee that you'll be amazed by what you see.



18mm thick MFC unit material

Egger place a huge emphasis on working with leading door suppliers, such as Multiwood, to supply very accurate cabinet colours, to match a full range of different door styles.

Feedback from our customers regarding our colour matching is excellent and this greatly adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Furthermore, in certain door ranges, savings can be made as clad-on side panels are not essential. More Information is available regarding this, on each individual door style section, on the website.



Soft close hinges & drawer boxes

We moved to using Blum as our hinge and drawer box supplier in 2007. Since the move, we have not had one single problem reported with a hinge or drawer system, due to the quality of their product.

The testing and quality of the Blum products are phenomenal. We use the highest specification Blum clip top metal 110 deg door hinges with 3-way adjustment, and soft close, combined with the Blum Tandembox 'A' design. This design also features a twin walled metal solid drawer system with 16mm solid base and metal back, incorporating full extension runners with integrated soft close dampers.

Whilst many kitchen suppliers use Blum due to the strength of the Blum brand name, very few use the higher specification hinges and drawer boxes used with all our units. All pan drawers are supplied 500mm deep for optimum storage.



Storage solutions

Your new kitchen should look just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Not only that, it should also provide some useful storage space for everyday essentials, such as utensils, cookware, cutlery, food and household items.

Everything in its place and within easy reach, just as it should be.

At DIY Kitchens, we use 'Clever Storage' by Kessebohmer. They are experts at maximising potential storage space in your kitchen. Their range of products ensures that the internal cabinet space of your kitchen furniture is utilised more effectively than in some storage systems.

Kessebohmer products are manufactured to exacting standards and have won many European awards for design and innovation. In specifying Kessebohmer products, you can be confident your kitchen storage solutions, will provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

All Kessebohmer baskets are made of high-grade steel. And, with their meticulous processing and durable and attractive surface finishes, create a uniquely high-quality look & feel.



Laminate worktops

Duropal GmbH is part of the Pfleiderer AG Group, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of engineered wood, surfaced finished products and laminate flooring.

Since 1958, Duropal has been a world leader in manufacturing decorative high-pressure laminate (HPL). For over 40 years, the bestselling worktops have been manufactured from a dense wood particle board core, surfaced with a decorative high-pressure laminate (HPL).

The majority of kitchens feature this type of worktop, as it is easy to fit, durable and hygienic with many decor options available, and at reasonable prices.

Melamine resin is the hardest of all synthetically produced organic materials. This is the reason for the high scratch and wear resistance of Duropal worktops. The high impact resistance of the material, is due to the elasticity of phenolic resin.

These properties also explain the high resistance of Duropal worktops to chemicals and heat sources. Burning a cigarette onto the surface of a Duropal worktop, is one of the quality tests specified in BS/EN 438, which also determines all the other conditions that are important for this type of product.