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Integrated Washing Machine


Designed to run quietly, fit in with other appliances, and clean clothes thoroughly. It comes with the AutoAdjust feature, which weighs each load and adjusts the cycle to use the most efficient settings. Making every wash as economical as possible.

  • Time Saving With AutoAdjust
  • Efficient Economical Settings
  • Simple Efficient Daily Programme
£551 ex VAT
£661 inc VAT

Integrated Washing Machine


Integrated with other kitchen appliances makes less noise while providing absolute care. ProSteam uses vapour at the end of cycles to reduce wrinkles while refreshing garments between cycles. Minimising the need for ironing and dry-cleaning for items like shirts.

  • Sharp Shirt Defender
  • Low Noise Levels
  • ProSense Technology
£624 ex VAT
£749 inc VAT

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