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Browse DIY Kitchens' kitchens, designed and installed in real homes by real people throughout the UK. All ordered online through our website. Read and watch their thoughts and experiences and also take a look at some of the photos they have sent us.

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Norton Bespoke

David from Anglesey "We did a lot of shopping around before we chose DIY Kitchens, because we wanted high end designer style and durability for our holiday rental cottage, but at a realistic price. We even visited the Pontefract showroom before making our decision, to be sure we were making the right choice. This confirmed that the hardware, fit and finish were as good as anything we’d seen, and we were able to get a bespoke painted oak kitchen for the same money as a budget flat-pack kitchen from one of the warehouse sellers - amazing value! Our kitchen fitter (who didn’t know the cost or DIY Kitchens brand) was very complementary about the quality too, and we had no problems at all with installation."

Altino Violet

Summaya from West Yorkshire "Pictures of our kitchen. Thanks."

Altino Violet

HR Protected from Burton on Trent "The kitchen looks great in our new office! "

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 reviews