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Browse DIY Kitchens' kitchens, designed and installed in real homes by real people throughout the UK. All ordered online through our website. Read and watch their thoughts and experiences and also take a look at some of the photos they have sent us.

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James from Ackworth "Hi,

Kitchen is all finally finished so here's a few photos attached for my old school buddy John.

Thanks, James. "

Altino Alabaster

Joanne from Doncaster "Was looking for a new kitchen, had a few people out to price up but I just got the feeling we were being ripped off, when I said to one gentleman that I thought the price was a bit much he knocked three grand off straight away, so I started looking on the web and found DIY Kitchens and what a find the showroom is.

It is fantastic and Brian at the front desk who also takes you round is brilliant at his job, after you have picked your kitchen you then go online and order it, it sounds complicated but its not and if you are unsure phone Brian or one of the girls who will help you.

All the prices are in front of you so you know how much everything is and they are very fair prices, everything comes built up ready for you and your fitter just needs to put feet, door and handles on, everything is solid and well made and I worked out we saved thousands of pounds, I also purchased all of my white goods , cookers , ovens , hob and saved a lot of money and also got 5 years free warrenty which was very easy and simple to apply for.

The only down side is you have to design the kitchen yourself but the showroom does give you some really good ideas. So far 4 other family have ordered a kitchen from them by just seeing our kitchen and going to the showroom and no one has had any problems and all love there new kitchens, enough said really."


Mr G KcKimm - Paisley "I was very pleased with the service and quality of the kitchen and was even more impressed with the easy to use website!"

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 reviews