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Over 100 kitchens at manufacturer prices

With over 100 different kitchen ranges on offer there's sure to be something that suits you and your lifestyle. We have a strong 30 year history of manufacturing high quality kitchen units at our state of the art factory here in West Yorkshire combined with a wealth of experience gained selling kitchens online over the last ten years.

High Gloss Kitchens

Clean, contemporary & vibrant

The clean lines and contemporary styling of a high gloss finish, create a bold statement in any kitchen. The signature flat design and reflective surface can look great in a variety of finishes, from cool whites to vibrant blues and shades of grey. High gloss doors are easy to care for and extremely durable and our Altino door has an extra resilient acrylic face.

Shaker Kitchens

Simplicity & versatility make for a beautiful kitchen

The beauty of a shaker style kitchen is in its simplicity. The characteristic features of a shaker style door are a square framed design with an inset flat centre panel. The versatility of the Shaker design means it can look great in wood-grain, matt and even gloss coloured finishes.

Painted Kitchens

Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen

Our painted kitchen ranges are available in a variety of door styles, from shaker, traditional & modern. Painted kitchens are also available from our 'extensive' pallet of colours, which allows you to customise the look of your kitchen, so that it looks exactly how you want it.

Handleless Kitchens

Minimalistic yet still achieves an aesthetic impact

The combination of a flat slab door with an integrated handle profile, creates a clean contemporary linear look. This style is all about the door design, it's minimalistic yet still achieves an aesthetic impact with different colour options depending on style.

Bespoke Painted Kitchens

Your kitchen painted in any colour you can imagine

Our bespoke painted option is available across most of our painted door styles. As we manufacture and paint our own doors, we are able to offer our 'Bespoke Paint' service, which allows you to create a truly personalised and unique kitchen.

Modern Kitchens

Clean lines and contemporary styling

The clean simple lines of a modern kitchen help to create a calming uncluttered feel to a room. The flat, slab style features of a modern door make it an excellent pallet for our variety of finishes, whether simple block colours or exotic wood-grains.

Traditional Kitchens

Celebrate the purpose of a kitchen as a place to cook

A traditional kitchen celebrates the main purpose of a kitchen, and that is as a place to cook. Functional accessories put practical pieces on display and intricate detailing and raised centre panels, beautiful pilasters, feature end panels and over hob mantels really do compliment the look.

Inframe Kitchens

Classically created and instantly recognisable by their design

A classically created in-frame kitchen is instantly recognisable by its design. The appearance of a door enveloped by a frame instantly conjures images of traditional time-served craftsmanship.

How much will it cost?

Kitchen buying guide

When it comes to choosing your new kitchen there's a few things you need to know before you buy. So we've put together this simple guide to help you get a clearer picture of your ideal kitchen.

How to choose a style?

With over 100 kitchen styles, choosing can be tricky

With fully constructed cabinets, your kitchen will be much quicker and cheaper to fit. Our kitchens also come with a 30 year guarantee and are made with industry leading components. We also have the widest choice of colours, materials and cabinets styles, which will ensure you get exactly what you want from your new kitchen.

Have a colour in mind?

Get the exact colour you're looking for

Your personality will really shine through with the colours you choose for your kitchen, If you know the colour you'd like, simply select the swatch above to see all kitchen styles in your chosen colour.

How our kitchens are made

State of the art factory and manufacturing equipment

Our custom built to order kitchens are made in our 2 manufacturing plants, which cover over 75,000 sq ft. Our ethos is to manufacturer quality products by using the latest manufacturing technology and to give you great cost savings.

Online showroom tour

See our beautiful showroom from the comfort of your home

Want to see how great our kitchens look? Well, you can do that from the comfort of your own home with our 360° virtual showroom tour. Navigate through our recently extended 2 floor kitchen showroom to find the kitchen that's right for you.

Real customer kitchens

See our craftsmanship firsthand in our customers' homes

We have created an area where you can see some of the real customer kitchens that we have supplied to our customers, that they have had fitted themselves. Use these kitchens to get some inspiration when choosing your own new kitchen.