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Kitchen door samples

The doors you choose make up the majority of your visible kitchen, so it's important to choose the right ones. If you are unsure which doors to go for then order a sample and see it first.

Kitchen unit samples

Our kitchen units are available in 11 different colours to help you get a close match to the door style that you choose and there is no extra cost for the carcase colour matching service!

Quartz worktop samples

Quartz worktops like their granite cousins give a refined & polished look to any kitchen. It has a very sophisticated appearance and consist of no less than 90% inorganic materials, mainly quartz and silicone.

Granite worktop samples

Granite worktops are the ultimate in kitchen work surfaces and give a high quality look and feel to a kitchen. Granite is quarried straight from the mountainside where it has laid for millions of years!

Dekton worktop samples

Dekton worktops are one of the newest ultra compact solid surface worktops with an excellent portfolio of features that will make it a keen contender as the solid surface worktop of choice in the years to come.

Solid wood worktop samples

Beautiful solid timbers help you create the perfect natural worktop, bringing genuine warmth and character to whatever kitchen style you create. Order a sample!